The People

John – the blonde one!
Loves drinking whatever’s open, hates, well nothing really.
Before opening the Vineyard 23 years ago John managed wine bars and restaurants (one in Mayfair – he’s probably told you!), but decided that too many late nights weren’t good for his complexion and so came to Dorking to open a retail shop. Enjoys meeting customers and talking about anything… no wine, wine!

Phil – the grumpy one!
Loves Amarone, hates everything that isn’t over 15% alcohol!
Before joining the Vineyard 10 years ago Phil worked in banking and then computers. He also taught Wine Appreciation classes for Surrey County Council. Phil does the figures, but hasn’t got one! He has more spreadsheets & graphs on the system than we know what to do with.

Lesley – the girl!
Loves wine. Thinks the saying “life is too short to drink bad wine” just about sums it all up. Lesley joined the Vineyard 9 years ago from the distributor side of the wine business.  If anything needs organising Lesley is the one to do it, even if things don’t need organising she does it anyway.

Jon – the golfing one!
Enjoys white wine in the sunshine and Port in the rain!  A keen golfer and ex Food and Beverage Manager for Manning’s Heath Golf Club, Jon decided on a career change to more sociable hours – VERY debatable!

We look forward to meeting you

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